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Hiring a new nanny is an exciting experience.  Now that you have found a nanny that fits your families needs, its time for you and your family to begin building that special relationship with her.  Like all new relationships there will be a time of adjustment and getting to know one another. 
As an employer you have high expectations and as a parent you have even higher expectations! Wouldn't  it be great if your new nanny could do everything exactly like  you would if you had the time to do it all?  But you can't take weeks out of your busy schedule to be by her side, teaching ,watching over her and explaining every detail of how you like your home. 
That's where we come in! We consult with you in your own home, learning your likes, dislikes, and how your home works on a daily basis.  Then we work with your nanny in your home training her according to your families specific guidelines. 
The process begins with you filling out a questionnaire.  After reviewing the information you have provided, I will come to your home for a personal consultation.  I will then begin working with your nanny on a daily basis training her as well as helping her learn to anticipate the changing needs of you family.  During each step of this process I will be in close communication with your family. 
My background in Early Childhood Education combined with my many years of in-home nanny experience and time spent supervising staff as Director of a large childcare facility, give me the skills to train your new nanny quickly and efficiently. 
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